Below are a few testimonials from customers about the service they have received from us:-


To whom it may concern: Dr Khadam Hussain


I have had excellent service in all my dealings with Dr Khadam. In my experience he has always been professional and gone out of his way to deliver what the Customer required, even where the Customer was asking for something outside the norm.


George Tait

Lead Category Manager ICT



Health Protection Agency


I have work with Dr Khadam Hussain for a few years which involved working closely with Public Sector clients, in order to fully understand their precise business needs and requirements. Part of his role entailed the positioning of the vast capabilities of SCC from Supply Chain Management; Aftermarket Support; Logistics of Distribution; Budgeting & Cost Control; Integrated Information Systems and Finance & Strategy Management which he delivered to his customers in a proficient and professional manner. 


His present position from my perspective enhanced his communication skills, allowed him to adapt to changing environments, and work to very tight schedules. He shows great business acumen and can be relied on to work on his own initiative and possesses the capability to tackle problems methodically.


He has shown great awareness of computer applications and business issues surrounding the Public Sector customer base. He has shown the ability to think strategically and perform under immense pressure. He has the ability to adopt new concepts and apply these appropriately to customers. 


He has high personal and professional standards with enthusiasm to ensure customers are always represented in a quality and responsive manner. He is diplomatic in dealing with people and assertive when required.



Yatheif Mohammed

HP Converged Infrastructure Vendor Manager



Vendor Alliance Group


"Rather than just talk about previous sales and IT experience and about achieving and then surpassing targets, goals and aspirations I will say this, the era of the single dimensional "sales person" is over. Khadam or 'Doc' as he has now come to be known, demonstrated a different approach, one that is anchored on understanding the world, the markets and more important than ever the pressures that your prospects are facing, on a business level as well as on a personal, financial and strategic level. His competitiveness at understanding your business targets, cross-communication, long term business needs and technology, I would suggest might increase growth within a very short time span.  


Furthermore Khadam's approach is not going to be showing the "life! Jacket" return on investment that a business may or may not need right now, but long term relationship and strategic development. 


If the Doc is now taking the next step in his career, I would highly recommend him to a business"


Bal Kang

IT Business Analyst / Head of Sales – Public & Private Sector

Mercato Solutions (Proband)